Call for Papers

Prospective authors are invited to contribute high quality papers (4 – 6 pages) of original research to IICPE 2018 through the submission portal. More details on the submission process may be found here. All accepted and presented papers/posters will be submitted for possible inclusion on IEEE Xplore. Furthermore, as IICPE 2018 is sponsored by IEEE IAS Society, exemplary papers may be recommended for publication in IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications. The topics in the scope of the conference include, but are not limited to:

Track Name Sub-topics
Track 1 Power Electronics & Energy Conversion Energy conversion in distribution networks, Multi-level converters and inverters, Power factor correction techniques, utility interface, DC-DC/ AC-DC / AC-AC Converters, converter applications, energy harvesting, wireless power transfer, interface and control in energy conversion, Cyber-physical systems in energy conversion and storage, Soft switching converters
Track 2 Electrical Machines and Drives Fault identification and analysis, Control of motor drives, design, control and applications of machines, Advanced control & sensor-less control of drives, applications in Electric Vehicles
Track 3 Renewable Energy Systems Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and Grid Integration, Islanded Systems, Forecasting and prediction of demand and generation. Sustainable energy technologies, security and protection
Track 4 Energy Storage and
Battery Management
Energy Storage and conversion devices, systems and techniques. Modelling & optimization of Energy Storage Systems, Battery modelling, State Estimation, BMS simulation and hardware design, charging control, Hybrid Energy Systems
Track 5 Transportation
Electrification and Vehicle Systems
Power Electronics and motor control, G2V and V2G, Charging station development and Management, Integration of charging facilities with renewable energy, Charger design and control, Railway Traction, Marine & Aerospace Systems
Track 6 Smart Grid
Power Electronics,for Smart Grid Operation, Micro and nano-grids modelling and operation,,Control and protection of smart grid, Forecasting and reliability, Fault,diagnostics and self-healing grids, Integration of multiple energy sources, Cyber-physical systems in security and integration, Demand Side management, HVDC, FACTS
Track 7 Control System,
Robotics, Mechatronics and Automation
Place recognition, localization, Object recognition, tracking, Scene interpretation, Robot cognition, Manipulation, grasping, Robot kinematics, dynamics, Motion planning, Robot simulation, Multi-robot systems, Artificial control for DC-DC converter, Control of auxiliary circuit in DC-DC converter, Grid connected converter control
Track 8 Electronic Devices
and Circuits
Novel/Modified switching devices for Power Electronics Applications and their switching techniques, Switch-mode power supplies, EMC and Power quality, Advanced switching Techniques and Concepts of soft switching, microwave and millimetre wave technology
Track 9 Other Applications Analog power electronics, low power electronics, ultra low power electronics, power supply on chip, and other relevant topics
Track 10 Special Session Modular Fault Tolerant Multilevel Converters for Medium and Low Voltage Applications
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